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DEXIS Provides Another New Product That Allows Clinicians To Better Serve Their Patients

Hatfield, PA (May 3, 2017) DEXIS, a brand of KaVo Kerr, proudly launches its next generation intra-oral camera, DEXcam 4 HD. This new camera leverages the award-winning features of its predecessor adding high definition imaging with an innovative acquisition software, DEXcapture. Read more »

DEXIS Delivers Enhanced CariVu Software 

October 2016 — DEXIS, LLC, a brand of the KaVo Kerr Group, is pleased to announce its most recent software update for CariVu™, the compact, portable caries detection device. DEXIS’ reputation for listening and responding to the needs of its owner base has once again resulted in product improvement. CariVu owners have requested new features, and the DEXIS team has delivered with this latest software module. Read More »

American Dental Association Code Maintenance Committee Approves Code for Use When Requesting Reimbursement for Non-ionizing Diagnostic Procedures, including Images Created with DEXIS CariVu

May 2016 — DEXIS, LLC announced that the American Dental Association (ADA) meeting notes include reference to a code for caries detection, which is appropriate for use when requesting insurance reimbursement for images taken with DEXIS CariVu™. The code will be published later this year and effective January 1, 2017. Read more »

DEXIS Eleven software drives efficiency in and out of the operatory with the power of the Cloud

February 2016 — DEXIS, LLC announced its latest software release – DEXIS™ Eleven. Customers will benefit from a range of workflow improvements, including drag-and-drop tooth numbering, enhanced security, and fewer clicks for case presentation. Read more »

DEXIS Releases Digital Imaging Evidence

June 2015 — A study comparing the DEXIS Platinum Sensor with DEXIS Imaging Software and the Schick 33 Sensor with Patterson Imaging Software substantiates DEXIS’ excellence for image quality and comfort. Download PDF »

DEXIS Unveils The All-New DEXcam 4, The Next Generation Of Intra-Oral Camera

April 2015 — Dentists can use DEXcam 4 to educate patients on conditions and need for treatment and to help grow the practice. Download PDF »

The New Intuitive Functionality Of DEXIS go™ 2.0 Is Now Available To Dental Practitioners

January 2015 — DEXIS launches its updated version of the iPad app, DEXIS go 2.0, with new levels of usability and aesthetics designed for patient communication. Download PDF »