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NOTIFICATION: Microsoft Discontinuing XP Support

The Microsoft Corporation has officially announced that it will no longer support Windows® XP with automatic updates and technical service beginning April 8, 2014.

Since the launch of Windows XP, Microsoft has offered patches and security fixes as weaknesses were detected. Regular Microsoft security updates helped to safeguard the integrity of data, and specifically patient information, for medical and dental providers. These updates will no longer be offered after April 8, 2014, and therefore, your data may be in danger of a security threat even with the use of antivirus software and network firewalls.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) in the United States, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) in Canada, the European Union Data Protection Directive and the UK Data Protection Act all require that dental practitioners safeguard patient information. While these statutes may not specifically address operating systems, they do, however, expect that once a weakness has been identified that places patient data in jeopardy, it should be corrected. Such a weakness could include using an unsupported operating system that cannot be updated to provide ongoing security of patient data. Thus, dentists may not be meeting the expectations of the statutes by continuing to use Windows XP.

We realize that there are DEXIS customers who are currently utilizing Windows XP. Moving from Windows XP to a supported version of Microsoft Windows that provides regular security updates as soon as possible could reduce the risk of a potential compliance violation. Until you can complete this migration and to better bring the office into compliance with data privacy and security standards, including HIPAA and/or PIPEDA, you should assess your anti-virus program’s effectiveness and firewall settings and raise them to a level to guard against and detect potential and real malicious software attacks on XP.

DEXIS will continue to support those products which have been previously authorized for use with Windows XP, but cannot provide support related to security patches and fixes to the Windows XP operating system, to allow customers time to upgrade their operating systems.