April 2014

DEXIS Blog Article

Those who have been using DEXIS for quite a while probably have multiple series and PAs for each patient. One of the most efficient features of DEXIS is the ability to pick and choose what images you want to see on the screen for any given patient and procedure. There are many ways to view images that can help set the stage so that you (and your patient) can target just the info you need for the day.

Think of it this way—before you implemented DEXIS, you would rifle through the paper chart in search of the mounted and enveloped film X-rays and printed photos that you needed for the current appointment. If it were the patient’s routine recall visit, you may pull out the last bitewings and put them on the view box. If it was an emergency visit for a specific tooth, you might pull out radiographs of that tooth for the last few years. What you would not do is place every X-ray or photo that the patient ever had on the view box.

A good place to start is the Overview screen, where you can see all visible radiographs and camera images on one screen so it’s easy to zero in on what’s important for the appointment. Next, within the DEXIS Archive feature, you have many viewing options. You can choose images by date, that is, select images taken on a certain date or since a certain date. And you can also pick a tooth number to see all the images for that particular tooth (or several teeth).

Here’s a really cool feature: You can see images in the “Mouth” or mounted view—good for when you want to see a series of X-rays. Or you can choose “History” view. This view is good for seeing the complete chronological history of a certain tooth number. It’s also a good view for endodontic or implant procedures where multiple X-rays are needed during the course of treatment. Being able to switch between these views is a unique feature of the DEXIS imaging software!

And one other visual feature is “Clean.” It’s a way to get your patient focused in on a single image out of many on the screen. For example, if you have an FMX on the screen, by enlarging the image of interest and hitting the “Clean” button in the Navigator window, all the images, except the one that’s enlarged, leave the screen—a real attention-getter! Click on “Clean” again, and the hidden X-rays return.

Utilizing all these features and functions will allow you to take charge of your patient’s library of images and to see it your way!