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The cost for a film-based practice is astronomical

The sky’s not even the limit when it comes to the costs for film and all the stuff that goes with it. You will incur the following consumable expenditures, again and again, for as long as you practice:

$  The cost of film.
$  The cost of mounts.
$  The cost of chemicals.
$  The cost of chemical disposal.
$  The cost of parts and ongoing maintence.

All things considered, it makes financial sense to go digital.

You begin to earn a return on your investment right away when you begin practicing with digital X-ray. Your up-front cost to invest in the new technology is quickly recouped by no longer paying all those expenses on film consumables. Very likely, your cost per month for financing a digital system will be less than what you’re paying now for film supplies.

Add staff wages into the equation. Labor costs are among the biggest expenses for most dental practices. Digital efficiencies lets your staff trade up their time spent doing film workflow tasks for more productive, perhaps business-growing, things.

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